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FEE SCHEDULE - PRICES EFFECTIVE Jan 1, 2016  (local areas - N.J. , SE Florida, Philadelphia area)

CLIA moderate/high complexity laboratory consultation, OSHA compliance (as it applies to lab only) and medical waste [i]  (please read footnote below).  Includes moderate complexity laboratory manual below.


CLIA waived/PPM laboratory consultation - includes waived lab manual and 3 procedures

$895 (+)




CLIA moderate/high complexity consultation; for offices that do not want a procedure manual or  previously received an OSHA consultation from POC.  

$750 (+)

Laboratory Procedure Manual for moderate/high complexity - includes 3 procedures.  (add $10 if mailed)


Laboratory Procedure Manual for waived/PPM labs - includes 3 procedures (add $10 if mailed)



$ 150

Additional procedures are priced as follows:

Waived or Provided Performed Microscopy Technical Procedure



Moderate Complexity Technical Procedure


High Complexity Technical Procedure


Quality Assessment Plan (add $5 if mailed)


QA Supplements for Instrument Verification, Control Validation, Calibration Verification, LIS QC -more


OSHA Package $BEST VALUE$ (consultation/manual/one training for 10 people/SDS's/policies)


OSHA Consultation (complete evaluation of facility with written report - no manual or training)

$695 (+)

OSHA Safety Manual - latest edition (add $10 if mailed)

$175 each

OSHA safety training for up to 5 people (medical and clerical programs available)


Additional per person charge for more than 5 attenders

(call for special group price for 20 or more)   

$10 each

HIPAA Policy Manual ($10 shipping and handling)


HIPAA Training (power point presentation) for 5 people - additional people $10 each


Post Inspection Corrective Action or emergency (<10 days) appointment (CLIA or OSHA)


Subscription to our news letter "POC News Update"


See our newsletter for accredited self-study programs available from POC


Hourly Consultation Fee (minimum charge - 1 hour)


Telephone assistance for technical information or consultation - non active clients

$25 then $2/min. 

Miscellaneous charges:

Travel charge for offices over 30 miles from consultant (goes up in 10 mile $10 increments)

Additional charge for appointments requested before 9AM ($50) after 5PM ($25)  on Saturday ($50)

Appointments canceled less than 1 day in advance

Appointments canceled day of appointment

Appointments canceled when consultant arrives or is in route to office



$25 - $50



$100+RT travel



                .CLIA, OSHA and DEP consultations are generally provided on a single visit.  Subsequent services, including extensive telephone consultation, are subject to additional charges as described in this schedule.  Emergency Consultations will include an additional fee of $75 for the first visit and $25 for each subsequent visit needed to correct problem.