P.O.C. Consultants (formerly POL Consultants) has been providing federal regulatory assistance to physicians and their office staff since 1989. Our consulting programs and presentations have been used by over 2,500 physician offices in N.J., PA and Florida. We would like to offer your organization the services that so many medical offices have relied on for over two decades. POC offered services customized to the office and year round support. The following services are available:

OSHA (all offices): Consultation for compliance (12 page checklist), safety training (accredited for CEU’s), OSHA safety manual (updated regularly and sold nationally). See enclosed brochure for OSHA package - all services and manuals are available al-a-cart as well. We also offer an ergonomic consultation and training for clerical employees. All employers are required to be in compliance with OSHA regulations and provide training to their employees. Don’t wait until inspections to find out you are not in compliance!

HIPAA (all offices): A HIPAA manual and training program was added to our services in 2002. Our clients cannot get over how simple POC can make understanding the regulations. Why sit through endless seminars given by law firms trying to scare you into paying ridiculous fees for services. Offices that have used this program can’t wait to tell other offices about it! See enclosed HIPAA flyers.

CLIA: Consultation for compliance with CLIA laboratory regulations. Two programs are offered, one for waived/ PPM laboratories and one for moderate/high complexity laboratories (non-waived labs). Personalized laboratory procedure manuals, sold nationally, come with the consultation or it can be ordered separately. Start up evaluations as well as pre-inspection quality assurance checks are available. Our clients pass inspections with high scores! See the enclosed brochure for CLIA service - all services and manuals are available al-a-cart as well. Call for CLIA fees (based on lab size and tests performed).

POC presents educational programs to medical societies, hospitals and medical organizations throughout the country. Our award winning newsletter, “POC Consultants News Update” is read by offices throughout the country. We have enclosed a complimentary issue.

Check out our web site: www.pocconsults.com. Please call if you have questions about services or fees. All services are available al-a-cart as well as in cost saving packages. Once you selected the services you are interested in, call and make your appointment. We guarantee you will be more than satisfied with our services. If you’re not ready now - keep the information enclosed for possible services at a later date.

Kathleen Voldish, CLC (AMT)
President & certified consultant